Perfect Place For Car Servicing Is Bricknell Radiators!

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As one of the state’s oldest independent professional mechanics, Bricknell Radiators & Mechanical Repairs operates in execution till 1945. All creates and designs of vehicles are serviced and repaired by our manufacturer mechanical systems and car repairs Hurstville. We make every effort to return your car to you at quickly we are able to because we recognize how challenging and difficult it is to have the car removed from the road.

While we focus in servicing, we seem to be happy for support anything from old loyalists to vintage cars at really reasonable prices, including modern computerised vehicles by car service Mortdale.

We perform a range of auto services.

  1. Repaired Gasoline Tanks
  2. Modern Radiators
  3. Maintenance Of Radiators
  4. Fact Repairs To Machinery
  5. Repaired Brakes
  6. Repaired Brakes
  7. Gearboxes
  8. Red Slips
  9. Wheels
  10. Conditional Air
  11. Engine Restores
  12. Log Maintenance
  13. Ships Maintenance
  14. Suspension
  15. Fixes To Fuel Tanks

One of the Sydney’s top radiator repair facilities from car repairs Hurstville, Bricknell Radiators have been in business for 60 years. To meet your refrigeration needs, designers have aligned themself with high quality providers and constructed our company on integrity and honesty.

Our sub period voyage in the auto repair and service sector was both challenging and extremely rewarding. The Motor Traders Organization of Queensland has granted Bricknell’s permission to support and rebuild any car, irrespective of car service Mortdale model or make there under terms of the latest car company’s warranty programme. In order to save you from having to pay a hefty replacement price as once car’s warranty expires, we also inform you understand along way which warranty parts must be replaced while they are still covered by the guarantee. Within the neighbourhood, we can select and bring your car for maintenance. 

Complete engine maintenance, including checking the fuel and air intake systems, cleaning or replacing fuel injectors, calculating diagnostics, and other car service Mortdale tasks As part of our mechanical repairs, we offer complete clutch replacement services for all makes and models, including and light trucks. Flywheels are machined and thrust race and spigot bearings are replaced whenever premium Axed clutches are used. Transmission maintenance is essential because burned oil is the most common reason an automatic transmission fails. Bricknell’s takes care of all of your transmission needs, from routine car repairs Hurstville maintenance to complete replacement or rebuilds.

Bricknell’s does all kinds of suspension work, from basic maintenance to extreme off-road maintenance that involves installing lift kits to give the vehicle more height when driving off-road. There are leak checks, repairs, and complete replacements. For more power, larger exhaust systems were upgraded with high-quality components.

We are experts in timing belts and chains, cylinder head gaskets, head reconditioning, engine rebuilds, modifications, and a variety of other major and minor mechanical repairs.

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