Journal of Law and Policy Review – An initiative of 'Law and Policy Review'


Law and Policy Review is an initiative to create awareness among the legal fraternity and the common masses about the law and policy developments in and around India. While the intellectual debate is restricted to the confines of a newspaper column or the desks of working professionals, the masses who are the most affected are generally the last receptors of the information. It becomes imperative that this gap is bridged soon if India looks forward to being the superpower in the making.

As a first step, Law and Policy Review has come up with two journals, South Asian Journal of Law and Policy Review (ISSN: 2455 8087) and Indian Journal of Law and Policy Review (ISSN: 2456 3773). The second issue of SAJLPR was released in July 2016. In October 2016, the first issue of IJLPR was released. These issues focus on various constitutional and policy oriented developments in the Indian Subcontinent.